How to Comment at the Board of Natural Resources Meeting

Board of Natural Resources wants to approve the controversial Middle May timber sale and is meeting 9 a.m. on Tuesday Sept. 1 to vote on it. Please make sure your voice is heard in support of the Sky Valley.

BNR Meeting: 9 a.m. on Tuesday Sept. 1, 2020.

The link to the instructions as shown above is here:

Or a step by step version of the process is here:

1. Go to this link:

2. If it asks you to install the app, it's just a one-time thing, so please do that.

3. Then enter your meeting ID for the 9/1/20 9 a.m. meeting : 272-737-411

4. Enter your email address (it doesn't have to be a business email).

5. Enter your name and email address on the next page.

6. For 'Do you want to listen only' choose "NO".

7. For public comment, choose "NO".

8. For timber sale action item comment, choose "YES".

9. For Chair Item, choose "No".

10. Click "Register", and then you're done.

Once you register you'll receive an email with the login info and link so that it's easy to hop on the meeting Tuesday morning.

(Don't worry about a Survey Monkey link you might receive after you sign up.)

During the meeting they'll call on you for comment, and at that time they'll unmute your computer. (If you've muted yourself you'll also have to unmute yourself on your end.) As long as you do that and your volume is set normally it will work fine. 

You will be on audio, not video. It's an undie and bedhead-friendly environment.

Tips on what to say:

You can speak for up to 3 minutes, but shorter is fine as well. It does NOT have to be a practiced speech, most people ad lib and just say what they're thinking. Here are some comments we've heard in the past:

"I'm (Name) from (place). I'm opposed to the Middle May timber sale and support reconveyance for a county park. I'm asking the DNR and BNR to hold off on all timber sales for 6 months while Snohomish County works with the citizens, Tribal governments and user groups to explore reconveyance."

"As a citizen I want to oppose the Middle May sale, Madera Sorts sale, and any of the other approx. 1200 acres of Forest Board land that DNR is planning to log in the next 5 years in the proposed Wild Wallace reconveyance area of Reiter Forest near Gold Bar Washington."

- Many commenters have said that they are not against all logging, but they believe this area in particular has more value and serves the public best as being preserved as a public park.

- Many members of the public feel the public input process has passed them by without them knowing about it or having any idea of DNR's plans for Middle May and especially for the future logging planned for that hillside.

(Click here to see the map of future logging plans.)

- DNR presented many inaccurate facts about the proposed reconveyance in a recent Everett Herald article, thereby hindering the democratic process by presenting a false picture of the proposal to the public, press, and elected officials.


Whether you comment or not, please send the BNR a pre-written letter using this form. Here's the link:

Please send this letter. We know we're asking you to do a lot, but it is really important for BNR to get this letter before the meeting. We greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks again for supporting this effort,

The 2 and 4-legged team at Sky Valley Future